About Us


In the United States, cars are not only transportation, but a passion and lifestyle. Car owners spend so many hours on their cars that many essentially view them as extensions of their homes, sometimes even a part of the family. To keep cars looking and performing their best. F3 Auto guarantees customer satisfaction. We will bring your car back to as close to that pristine mint condition and install your performance parts into your vehicle with peace of mind; updating you along the way.

Call now to schedule an appointment. Our professionally trained technicians use commercial grade equipment and techniques to manifest your vehicle or project’s vision into reality.

We don’t just work on your cars, we care about our customers’ vehicles and having come from the car enthusiast scene ourselves, we know how to make your car look and perform well, so that you feel good in your car. Whether it be for a car show, prepping your car for resale, or because you just downright love you car, F3 Auto will be there to make it happen!

UPDATE 2016: Many of you may have noticed, but F3 Auto has expanded its services to cover nearly every type of vehicular modification and customization available on the market; our excellent customer service staff is ready to answer your every inquiry and will help you achieve your vehicle’s goal with a fast track plan and budgeting as well as make proper recommendations specific to your vehicle so that you don’t waste money on unnecessary modifications and net you the best bang for the buck! Don’t hesitate and call us now!

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