Automotive Lighting

HID Headlights

Looking a more reliable light source for your car’s headlamps? Want a set of headlights that will last up to two times longer than your existing halogen bulbs? Well, have you considered HID lights installation for your car or truck? HID headlights are a safer and more energy-efficient light source than the halogen lamps that likely came with your vehicle from the factory. 

The acronym HID stands for “high-intensity discharge,” which refers to the electric arc that produces the beam of light. The light is produced by a combination of metallic salts and xenon gas, which vaporizes within the chamber to produce the intense beam of light. This explains why HID headlights are often referred to as HID xenon lights. The xenon gas contained in HID headlight kits is what allows them to produce more light from less power, in turn making HID lights last significantly longer.

What makes HID headlights a better option for your vehicle than your existing halogen bulbs? There are several advantages to HID xenon lights, including:

  • Increased safety. Studies show that drivers respond more quickly and accurately to roadway obstructions when using HID lights rather than halogen ones.
  • Energy efficiency. Even HID headlights kits with lower intensity levels still produce 3,200 lumens from 42 watts—in other words, more light from less power. Reduced power consumption leads to reduced fuel consumptions and more savings for you!
  • Increased life span. On average, HID light kits last for 2,000 hours, while halogen lamps only last between 450 and 1,000 hours. That’s at least twice as long!

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